Tuesday, 19 February 2019
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Singapore is well known for its teaching methods that emphasize diligence and content mastery while Australia is recognized for its creative teaching methods. Hence, in order to provide a holistic Early Childhood Education, KinderWorld focuses on the forte of both the Singapore and Australian Early Childhood Education curriculum.

The curriculum used by KinderWorld consists of the Singapore Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Community Development and Sports “Nurturing Early Learners” syllabus whose emphasis is learning through “Developmentally Appropriate Lessons and Worksheets”.

The KinderWorld curriculum further consists of Queensland Government’s framework for Early Childhood Education found in their “Pre-School Curriculum Guidelines”. The emphasis here is to use a Learner-Centred Approach with Structured Play-based Activities as a medium of instruction.

The KinderWorld curriculum, encompassing the latest breakthroughs in teaching methodology, uses a Theme Based Approach to daily lessons. In Pre-Nursery and Nursery stages of a child’s learning experience, children are encouraged to actively participate in group activities thereby enriching their learning experience. From Kindergarten 1 to Kindergarten 2 onwards, more individual time is given to perfect and internalize knowledge through practice and structured play, preparing the child for formal schooling. In short, welcome to 21st Century teaching at its best!

Our goals for Pre-Nursery Classes are:
1. To provide a home away from home.
2. To develop a feeling of competence and a sense of trust in the world.
3. To acquire self-help skills (dressing, feeding etc.).
4. To allow children to construct meaning and knowledge through structured play activities.

Our goals for Nursery Classes are:
1. To provide various opportunities to learn responsibility and be independent.
2. To inculcate a love for exploration and the acquisition of creative and imaginative thinking.

Our goals for Kindergarten 1 Classes are:
1. To provide opportunities for children to lead in activities and carry out simple experiments.
2. To give children the ability to articulate and express their emotions and understanding on various topics.

Our goals for Kindergarten 2 Classes are:
1. To provide a range of learning experiences catering to each child’s own strengths.
2. To allow children to explore and learn through group assignments and activities.

Our goals for Preparatory children are:
1. To provide them with the required knowledge to proceed to Primary 1.
2. To allow children to consolidate what they have learnt in the past through structured activities and group projects.